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Case study - Exhibition Logistics Management

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Once the stands had been designed & approved for the 2012 show, our staff manifested the component exhibition stand parts, picked the component parts from store and co-ordinated the loading to suitable vehicles.

The vehicles were co-ordinated to arrive on a timed delivery basis on site. This was a critical part of the project due to limited space on site and a strict traffic management system in place. Failure to comply would lead to vehicles being turned away and stands not being erected in time. All vehicles met their time slots on site and were met by the client and the team of exhibition builders. Further vehicles carrying show literature & product were then co-ordinated to arrive once the stands were erected. CM ensured all deliveries were on time and drivers adhered to all site rules including health & safety.

Our response team then effected delivery of products to site, re-stocking stands throughout the duration of the show. All these deliveries being effected out of hours, as no access allowed during show times.

On completion of the show, CM provided a team to arrive on site to breakdown the stands and load on to vehicles to bring back to store within the timescales imposed by the client. All goods returned to store and placed back in to their component location within our warehouse.

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